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Neutra’s Sleek & Stylish Bathrooms Inspired by Nature


San Antonio Remodeler Bathroom DesignThis original collection of bathroom furnishings and fittings from NEUTRA takes its inspiration from the natural wolrd. The purity of water, the energy of stones, and the warmth of wood all combine to create a unique collection that creates a pleasurable new approach to well-being. Read more






What is the Future of Kitchen Technology?


San Antonio Remodeler Kitchen DesignThe role of the kitchen in our homes has changed dramatically over the years. What used to be a space simply used for food preparation has now become the hub of the home. Today, cooking is accompanied by a greater variety of activities such as entertaining, socialising, dining, working, laundry etc. As our use of the kitchen has changed, the technology that is used within it has had to adapt to meet our needs. Read more





Modern History


By Julie Sanders


Glass Construction teams with legendary architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen to rescue a historic landmark from ruin


San Antonio Remodeler Living Room DesignHistoric Georgetown is rich with landmark buildings, quaint alleys and picturesque courtyards—slices of history that still evoke the bygone eras the neighborhood has weathered over hundreds of years. Prominently showcased on one such well-preserved street is a Federal-era home, recently brought back from disrepair by a renowned design team and now a winner of a Contractor of the Year Award for Entire House Over $1 Million—as well as Home & Design’s Award of Excellence. Read more




Science for Designers: The Transformation of Wholes


By Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros


San Antonio Remodeler Design Build

The most commonly held and influential idea about design is that it’s the art of bringing essentially unrelated parts into a “composition” or an “assembly”. The funny thing is, from a scientific point of view, this idea is entirely wrong. A much better idea about design is that it’s the transformation of one whole into another whole. Not only is this definition more accurate, it’s also crucial for achieving an adaptive design. Read more




Hunker Down With a Built-In Couch


By Shawn Gauthier


San Antonio Remodeler Living Room DesignIf you’re having trouble finding the perfect couch and are considering custom, perhaps you should take it a step further: the built-in couch. Like any built-in unit, these couches have great advantages: They can be built exactly to your specifications, will uniquely complement your space and can even provide a spot for extra storage. On the flip side, these are likely an option only for homeowners, not renters, and you can’t take them along if you eventually move, so be sure it’s where you want to allocate your money. Read more




10 Smart Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens and Dining


Building Blocks for a Perfect Patio


San Antonio Outdoor Space DesignCreating a new living area outdoors is a whole lot easier than adding one indoors. Sure, you’ve got to furnish both. But in the backyard, there’s no fussing with walls, ceilings, doors, or windows. All you really need is a floor. Read more






Meet the Man Behind J Angelo Design Build



What sets us apart and ensures our longevity, is our relentless pursuit of projects that cannot be easily duplicated. Our goal is to continually bring unique products to the marketplace. This does not mean new and obscure, or leading edge concepts that are unproven. Rather, we want to be the only developer in a market with a new project of a proven type. We listen to the market and study the trends, then provide needed product in excellent locations. This does two things, it controls supply and demand, and provides the end user with a unique product they can be proud to own or occupy.





Who is J Angelo Design Build, you ask?

We are a San Antonio Remodeling company that creates custom designs and then builds unique projects specific to each client. Our projects include residential and light commercial new construction, additions, modifications, and remodels. Watch this video to find out more:




Boost Your Home’s Value


By Daisy Chan


Find out which house renovations are worth your time and money.


San Antonio Home DesignRenovate the Right Way

With the real estate market so uncertain these days, many people are choosing to renovate their current home instead of buying a new one. “People are thinking about how they can get the most value out of their living arrangement,” says Stephen Melman, director of economic services at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). What will give your family the most value depends first and foremost on your needs, but if you want to earn back your renovation costs when it comes time to sell, read on. Read more