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Neutral, Contemporary Living Room


Designer J Allen uses a neutral color palette and sophisticated furnishings to create a minimalist living space.


by Chelsey Bowen


San Antonio Design RemodelerContemporary Minimalism


The condo originally featured four separate rooms, but designer J Allen removed walls to create one large open space that embraces the beautiful view of Washington D.C. Two separate yet intimate seating areas make the space perfect for entertaining. Read more

11 Ways to Add Color to Your Exterior


Enhancing your home’s exterior with colorful accents is an easy way to boost curb appeal. Whether you want to add a little color or a lot, these ideas are sure to give your home a whole new look.


San Antonio Design RemodelerPick Up a Paintbrush


Painting your home’s exterior is one of the most cost-effective ways to update its look. When devising your color scheme, consider your home’s architectural style – Read more







Kitchen Flooring Essentials


Floored by all the flooring options out there for kitchens? From laminate to vinyl, here’s a primer on what’s available.


by Alicia Garceau


San Antonio Design RemodelerAppearances are important when it comes to new floors, but don’t choose a material based on looks alone. Narrow the choices to a few contenders and then take a trip to a flooring store or home center for a test drive. Read more






Top 10 Countertop Materials


With exposure to water, heat, sharp knives, and more, countertops carry a heavy burden in the kitchen. Discover the pros and cons of each countertop material to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.


San Antonio Design RemodelerNatural-Stone Kitchen Countertops


Stone is a durable material that stands up to the tough wear of an active kitchen. Stone’s natural variations in colors and textures make each countertop unique. Read more








8 Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms


You can be as creative or traditional as you want when choosing your bathroom flooring. From ceramic tiles to cement flooring and pebbles, the possibilities are endless.


by Keri Sanders


San Antonio Design RemodelerConcrete Flooring

An alternative to traditional bathroom flooring is concrete. These oversized concrete tiles create a consistent feel throughout the room, while still offering the practicality that is expected from their ceramic counterparts. Read more




Beautify Your Yard with Landscaping


by Shirley Taylor


San Antonio Design RemodelingHave you ever taken a walk around your neighborhood and taken note of all the beautifully landscaped homes? Have you ever wished that you could make your home look like that? If you have, then take the time to read this article. It will give you some valuable tips to help you transform your home. Read more







High-End Bathroom Tile Designs


It can be difficult to bring style into a space that’s all about function. The single greatest amount of bathroom real estate is devoted to tiling, and here are a few simple ways to make sure tiling packs a pretty big stylistic punch.


by Amy Azzarito


San Antonio Design RemodelerUse Various Tile Shapes in Different Colors


San Francisco Bay-area designer Kriste Michelini uses tile to create a divide between the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. She frequently experiments with unique combinations of tile and uses various tile shapes in the same marble material to create a sense of infinite space. Read more




Popular Kitchen Features


Give buyers what they want in the kitchen, from beverage stations to soft geometry.

San Antonio Design RemodelerConcealed Kitchens

Kitchen design has reached a new level of integration. The quiet incorporation of the kitchen into the home’s primary living and entertaining rooms provides homeowners with far more flexibility in their lifestyles. Read more





7 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas that Increase Home Value (And What to Avoid)


by Heather Levin


San Antonio Design RemodelerWith the real estate market still in a slump, more and more people have decided not to sell their home. Instead, they have chosen to stay put, until things get better. I count myself in this group; I had my own home on the market for two years. My house sold, and the sale fell through, on two separate occasions. As a result, I’ve resolved to stay put until the real estate market improves. Read more





Before and After Exteriors and Home Additions: Dramatic Renovations

See amazing home-renovation transformations–you won’t believe they’re the same houses!


San Antonio Design RemodelerTwo-Story Home Addition


A 100-year-old Atlanta home got an uplifting makeover when a two-story addition created space for a den on the main level and a master bedroom suite on the upper level. The exterior gained grand stature. Read more