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About Us

About Us


For John Angelo Meyer designing and building has been a lifelong pursuit, and J Angelo Design Build has been nearly 30 years in the making. John started paying his dues immediately after college managing and improving properties across the nation, as he climbed the corporate ladder within the property management industry for over 12 years. After that, he spent 13 years honing his skills as founder and president of Modern Contractors, Inc, a successful commercial construction company that builds projects across North Texas. In 2004, John began developing, designing and building high-end properties of his own creation in Texas and Arizona, and J Angelo Design Build was born. Today, J Angelo continues creating unique projects that are as individual as their owners.


As if founding a successful construction company, development company, and design/build company were not enough, John has sought out inspiration from the world’s architectural hubs. With extensive travel from Asia to Europe, from Canada to Central America, and throughout the US and the Caribbean, John has seen and experienced a myriad of architectural styles, periods, and cultures. One can only try to imagine these experiences as seen through the eyes of both a designer and builder. The best part is that you don’t have to. You’ll see it in the unique elements and details of your next J Angelo designed project.

Why go with a design/build firm?

Anyone who has ever experienced a completely new site build or an extensive renovation will tell you the biggest issues are budget, communication, quality and timing. The need to properly manage these key elements exists both during the design phase as well as the construction phase.


Utilizing a one stop shopping approach, the design build firm streamlines this process. Intellectual and process economies-to-scale begin during the pre-concept stage as the initial ideas start to take shape. As the design matures and all the details fall into place, the budget will have already been maximized through progressive value engineering that took place during the designing. Since the “builder” was there throughout that entire process, he already has a ramped up knowledge of how the finished product should look and function, and the original intent of both the owner and the design. This will assure an extremely well built project is completed very timely. Also, as an added bonus, communications will be greatly simplified because all the stakeholders will already be on the same page and speaking the same language.


When you hire J Angelo Design Build, you get a firm willing to work with you from the ground floor (actually from before the ground floor!). You won’t have to worry about getting your wants and wishes successfully communicated to a design team only to be met with the anxiety of hoping the contractors fully understand everything in the design and can deliver everything you wanted. Streamlining the entire process allows J Angelo to make your life easier, and to get the most out of every dollar. We know that if you get a beautiful finished product you will be greatly pleased, but if you get great value along the way, you’ll tell everyone you know about us!

Our Process

J Angelo Design Build believes in being with you every step of the way. For that reason, the initial meeting is all about you. From the start, the professionals at J Angelo want to know about your specific personalities, taste and style. We want to know how you will use the finished product. And, we want to know what your financial goals and concerns are. Only then do we begin initial drafts and sketches.


As we work through the design scheme, we begin to tally the costs and offer advice on cost effective alternatives when the opportunity arises. Being the builder during the design phase has its advantages, like knowing the best ways to keep costs down without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Once the design is complete, you will be provided with a schedule of values for all the components and a construction timeline. This allows you to manage interest costs on borrowed funds and maximize earnings on undeployed capital.


Also, with an easy to read cost schedule and time line, everyone knows when materials will be needed at the job site. J Angelo Design Build takes pride in fully understanding their clients’ vision. Our process is expedient with little or no interruptions. This is another great benefit to you because you will know well in advance when it is time to select your custom finishes, fixtures, countertops, appliances or equipment. With J Angelo you can be confident your final product will be what you expected and delivered on time and on budget.

John Meyer's resume

John Angelo Meyer is the founder and President of J Angelo Design Build, a full-service design and construction firm established in 2004. He has successfully designed and built numerous residential projects in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and Phoenix . Prior to this, in 1993, John founded Modern Contractors, Inc. in Fort Worth, TX.


While he sold that company in 2005, it continues successful operations under its new ownership, focusing primarily on commercial/municipal projects. Throughout his construction career, John has worked on a vast array of projects from historic restoration and period buildings to high-end custom homes and commercial buildings. His design experience varies from single room and whole house remodels, to new custom homes. Prior to focusing on design/construction, John spent 13 years in the property management industry. During his tenure there, he was heavily involved all aspects of building, improving, and preserving a real estate portfolio of over $150 million in properties throughout the United States.