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HGTV Dream Home 2012: Bedroom Planning and Design


Bedroom placement takes into consideration the needs of both the guests and the homeowners.


San Antonio Design RemodelingSleeping Spaces: The Original Concept

When mapping out the sleeping quarters, house planner Jack Thomasson and architect Corey R. Solum considered the second floor as a space dedicated to bedrooms and the master suite. “So you had your typical layering with living space on the first floor and bedrooms upstairs,” says Corey. Read more


5 Home Remodeling Tips


The Home for Life tool integrates design principles that enable aging in place


by Rich Binsacca


San Antonio Design RemodelingThe vast majority of boomers — 84 percent — want to stay in their current house during retirement, but only 16 percent have taken any steps to adapt their home for retirement, a new survey by AARP finds. The Home for Life, an online virtual home produced by Remodelingmagazine, showcases subtle yet effective universal design principles that enhance convenience, comfort, safety and value while lowering monthly costs and maintenance chores. Here are the top five tips for aging in place in style and with confidence. Read more






Ten Tips for Smart Home Design


by TopTenReviews Contributors


Once you’ve made the decision to build rather than buy your next home, the biggest step after finding the right building lot is to design your future abode. This can be tough; putting together a home design that reflects your taste, yet also fits your needs and budget is a balancing act that takes planning. The following are ten guidelines to help you on your way. Read more






Determine Your Bathroom Layout


The best bathroom remodels start with a thoughtful floorplan. Consider these important tips when designing your new bathroom layout.


by Alicia Garceau


San Antonio Design RemodelingBecause a bathroom layout is jam-packed with required elements, a shoehorn might seem like an essential tool when remodeling. But with a little creative space planning, it can not only fit in requirements, it can also fit in a few (or more) luxuries. Remember the following functional and code requirements when developing your new-and-improved layout. Read more





What the Pros Know: Trade Secrets


Four architects share their favorite new trade secrets — from home technology advances to innovative building materials


by Ingrid Abramovitch


San Antonio Design RemodelingMICHAEL DAVIS


“For a Manhattan loft, we used wood from dilapidated farm structures. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber removes nails and bolts and pressure-washes the wood to reveal its natural patina. Instead of using chemicals or varnishes, Elmwood kiln-dries the planks to eliminate shrinkage and splitting.” Read more






9 remodeling tips to make your home feel bigger


by John Garskof


San Antonio Design Remodeling(MONEY Magazine) — You don’t have to be underwater on your mortgage to feel trapped in your home.

Now may be a less than ideal time to put a house on the market or to take on big debt — icing your plans to trade up or build an addition anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck living in an uncomfortable home. Read more





12 Design Tips for a Better Timber Home


Polish off your timber home design with these 12 tips aimed at taking your timber frame home from good to great. 


By Timber Home Living Staff


San Antonio Design RemodelingYou’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to identifying how you want your timber home to look and flow. You’ve jotted down must-haves and nice-to-haves on a wish list. But have you thought of everything? Before finalizing your timber frame house plan, tweak the layout with these design solutions, and watch your timber home go from good to great. Read more





Remodeling Tips


San Antonio Design RemodelingNo one likes to cut a budget, especially when it’s his or her own. But when it comes to planning a remodeling project, homeowners must establish a realistic budget . . . and actively manage it.


Preparing for a remodeling project is a lot like preparing to buy a car. You may know the room and style you want, but the options you choose may drive the price higher than you can reasonably afford. But there are ways to stretch the remodeling budget and end up with stylish results within budget. Read more





Before You Remodel Your Home


It all begins with a dream. Cathedral ceilings! Skylights! Room-sized closets! But, the dream may turn into a nightmare, unless you plan ahead. Before you remodel, follow these steps to get your home improvement project on the right start.


Tuscan home design1. Draw Your Dream


Even before you consult an architect, you can begin sketching out your ideas and imagining your remodeled home. If you are adding or expanding a room, think about how the space will be used and how the changes will affect traffic patterns. Read more






Building Green on a Budget: Advice from Leading Architects


By Lisa Taylor Minor


San Antonio Design RemodelerWhat are the best ways to build sustainably within budget constraints? We asked several leading architects for insight on this timely issue. Their collective advice on building green on a budget is to return to the fundamentals of good design and choose climate-appropriate materials that offer a quick payback. Read more