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Lighting Tips for Every Room


Find out what types of fixtures work best throughout your home

By Jill Connors


Whether you want to improve the lighting for a specific room or plan a whole-house lighting makeover, keep these room-by-room tips in mind:


San Antonio Design RemodelingLiving Rooms / Family Rooms


The concept of layering light is particularly important in the living/family room, an area of the house where people tend to gather for long stretches of time and engage in an array of activities, including conversation, watching TV, reading, playing board games and using a laptop. Read more






101 Makeover Ideas from 101 Designers


So you want to do something different to your home right now? Here are 101 ideas from 101 designers, and there’s something for every room.


by Christine Pittel


San Antonio Design RemodelingTurn off the Switch


“De-electrify your dining room. Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier—Marjorie Skouras makes one that’s dripping with coral. So romantic. Who cares what you serve!” -Suzanne Rheinstein Read more






How To Create A Recessed Lighting Plan


San Antonio Design RemodelerWant to make your friends ooh and ahh over your beautiful living room? Don’t forget the recessed lighting. A good plan for recessed lighting is they key to creating a room that perfectly lights the room and adds some drama and romance. Take a look at a quick recessed lighting plan I designed. Read more







Bathroom Tile Image Gallery: 44 Decorative Ideas


San Antonio Bathroom DesignBathroom tile can be a potent design weapon when used to create a unique look when decorating a bathroom. There are 44 images in this gallery to provide decorative ideas about design possibilities for your bathroom. One feature that I like about the images is that when you follow their source back to the website you can see the individual bathroom tile samples that were used to create a pattern. There are elaborate patterns in the image gallery that create some wonderful decorative themes. Like in mosaics the compilation of many tile styles wind up creating a unique bathroom tile pattern. I hope that you can find as much inspiration as I did from these pictures. Read more