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Modern Bath Tub Designs


San Antonio Design RemodelingWe came across Italian master spa makers Teuko and were awestruck seeing what they had to offer in bathtub design. The concepts are masterful, design exquisite and the execution brilliant.


Talucci Designs was responsible for the Seaside bath tub design and it is based on the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire: Read more







Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas


San Antonio Design RemodelingThe living room looks more and feels too bland without proper designing. In today’s scenario, different people have different requirements and, this influences their ideas on how their living room should be. Majorly, it is not possible to accommodate which you desire but, with the advent of modern living room lighting designs, you can get the things done with a limited budget. Read more





Kitchen Karma


San Antonio Design RemodelingTraditionally the kitchen was an isolated and solitary place with one basic function, to prepare meals for family and guests.  Today the modern kitchen has become much more with good designers providing clients with an informed appreciation of architecture, art and holistic design.


This kitchen by Crepain Binst is absorbed into the surrounding architecture and helps to define the space with the peninsula presenting a natural border between working and living areas. Read more





Verticality In Modern Residential Architecture Displayed By Lotus House


San Antonio Design RemodelerCatching the attention of passers-by with its imposing white architecture, the Lotus House rises two stories in the air, just enough to create a stunning first impression. Its two stories were designed to wrap around a pond with a natural spring and combine modern architecture and a comfortable lifestyle. Located in Country Heights, Kajang, Malaysia, this residence is made of the main living volume spreading over two floors and an additional guest pavilion connected to the main building via an elongated covered walkway. Read more





Sleek, Modern Kitchens


Learn how to design a modern-style kitchen using features like flat-paneled exotic wood cabinets, sophisticated marble countertops and edgy range hoods.


San Antonio Kitchen DesignSleek and Fun Kitchen


Sleek finishes, such as the stainless steel island and glossy cabinets, create a modern look in this kitchen design. Patterned chairs and bold, bright artwork offset the room’s modern elements. Read more





15 Remarkable Modern House Designs



Modern Home Design

There would always be updates when it comes to designs and eventually, house designs too. We’d always have our own preferences as to what type of house we’d want to be built. Some would prefer the contemporary way or classic perhaps. There are also those who would already prefer Modern House Designs applied to their dream houses. Read more



Minimalism and Eco-Style Design for White Living Room


San Antonio Remodeler Living Room DesignHere are some of Minimalism and Eco-Style Design for White Living Room ideas. First priority for these designers is the ease of life, surrounded by natural textures, lines and concise expression. Masks prefer discreet, but this is just what you need for a modern minimalism, beauty, Zen and comfort, and create an environment given to their personal tastes and the latest fashion trends. The company attaches great importance to detail that makes their products unique and high quality. The furniture is modern in style, characterized by straight lines and simple geometric shapes. You can find an excellent set of furniture for a modern clean room or make a room more comfortable with wood cabinets. Read more





A Dark and Handsome Modern Wood Kitchen


By Lisa Cregan


A beachfront kitchen, designed by Robert Bakes and Cecil Baker & Partners in Sag Harbor, New York, features walnut cabinets and elm flooring for a masculine look that’s perfect for four brothers.


San Antonio Kitchen DesignSmooth Lines and Dark Neutrals


Rich walnut cabinets by Robert Bakes and a 16 1/2-foot island that seats eight lend a warm, inviting atmosphere to the kitchen of a modern house by designer Alexandra Fazio of Cecil Baker & Partners. Read more




Modern History


By Julie Sanders


Glass Construction teams with legendary architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen to rescue a historic landmark from ruin


San Antonio Remodeler Living Room DesignHistoric Georgetown is rich with landmark buildings, quaint alleys and picturesque courtyards—slices of history that still evoke the bygone eras the neighborhood has weathered over hundreds of years. Prominently showcased on one such well-preserved street is a Federal-era home, recently brought back from disrepair by a renowned design team and now a winner of a Contractor of the Year Award for Entire House Over $1 Million—as well as Home & Design’s Award of Excellence. Read more