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Dan Castro, Broker/Owner: Century 21 Ripley
Owner/Partner: Castro & Baker Law Offices –
Published Author: Critical Choices that Change Lives

“John Meyer is the real deal. I have seen him enter a new market that was foreign to him and launch an investigative plan that was comprehensive and laser-focused. John knows how to assemble a team at the right time and in the right location. No detail escapes his analytical eye … if he lacks information about a property, he knows how to hire the right people to find it. With the right project, he secures the contracts quickly and conducts due diligence until the deal is finally done.”

John O'Connell, Owner: Units Mobile Storage

“I appreciate the analytical approach John takes when considering potential opportunities. His in-depth analysis results in the elimination of the majority of investment opportunities under consideration. He demonstrates a great ability to obtain and process market information, leading to solid, fact-based conclusions regarding land value, land use, and potential return on investment … he creates extremely accurate budgets and cost estimates. This focused ability leads to a return on investment that is exactly on target with expectations.”

Joe Cardini, President: Bristol Global

“I am extremely impressed with the level of focus John places on his projects … throughout the development and construction process he proved to be extremely adept at managing consultants and sub-contractors and ensuring that they lived up to his expectations. John Meyer has an incredible ability to produce an extremely high-quality product. The $2+ mil homes John built in Arizona clearly stood out from others in the community … his efforts are recognized by those who purchase them as well as the sales representatives who market them.”

Lloyd Fox, Designated Broker & Owner: Long Realty the FOX Group

“I have had the privilege of working with John Meyer since 2004 … he is one of the few developer/builders I know who acts only when valued business partners and professionals are involved. His steadfast ability to look at every angle of a project, positive and negative, gives him an upper hand when compared to his peer group. He literally evaluated hundreds of projects in the Phoenix/Scottsdale market and, largely due to his time and diligence, John has made nothing but stellar decisions. Many builders are currently sideways or on the way out. Every project John has is still in a positive equity position today. How many Arizona developers can say that? Also notable is the acquisition of projects were at the peak of the market, and are still in a positive position. Many other projects reviewed simply did not make good financial sense and, although tempting in a hot market, were dismissed. Other developers can only wish they had done the same with those same opportunities.”

Anil Jacob, President: Modern Contractors, Inc.

“Acquiring an existing business is a leap into the darkness and can be stressful, but, in the months that I worked with John Meyer while acquiring Modern Contractors— the construction company he founded—I was very impressed with his openness and transparent business style. The systems and infrastructure he created to operate the business made the due diligence process and transfer of power go very smoothly. Modern Contractor’s reputation among owners and a comprehensive network of quality subcontractors guaranteed my success. Today, we are still enjoying that success and continue to build on the foundation John laid for this company.”

Steven Ihnen, P.E., President: Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers

“John took on a project that challenged and, in fact, has scared off other developers for over two decades … working with him I was confident that his extraordinary ability to assemble an expert team, work the issues, provide informed decisions and conclude with timely answers to complexities was key to his success. The Austin office/showroom/warehouse project is just one example. I know that John will always tackle difficult projects with this approach.”

Lloyd Fox, Designated Broker & Owner: Long Realty the FOX Group

“… the demands of trades people and contractors are parallel to what John commands of himself: if it isn’t being done right, there is no excuse. John can oversee a project from start to finish in unwavering pursuit of goals and quality work. If it has John’s name or reputation on it, it’s certain to be done right. His integrity and ability to solve problems on the spot keeps the team on task and projects on track with the best of resolve … and financial analysis of each project has been dead-on every time … he doesn’t simply ask what we can sell in a given scenario, John will already know what product, size and level he needs to complete for the targeted return.”

Ronald W. Estill, A.I.A.: Byron Folse Associates, Inc.

“During heightened security status of Homeland Security’s Code Orange, John took on a project with three aspects at an operating water treatment facility. Construction consisted of completing a new office/warehouse for management and logistics, a materials bunker, and a crew truck garage, without disrupting daily operations. Modern Contractors faced many challenges in addition to extremely tight security and limited access. Unforeseen site utility conditions related to water, sanitary sewer, and undersized electric service were also encountered. John’s willingness and ability to quickly get involved with solutions assured the project was completed on- time, cost effectively, meeting or exceeding quality specifications.”

Greg McCown, Managing Partner: KeyStone Inspection LLC

“As a new National Construction Coordinator with one of the largest property management companies in the US, I first met John and was struck by his professionalism and energy in his role as Regional Vice-President. As we were about to embark on the largest renovation project the regional office had ever attempted, I realized that my laid-back approach to getting things done was not going to match his fast-paced, organized method of completing projects. Over the next 20 years I would eventually call this man “college” for the education I received from him … later “business partner” as we founded Modern Contractors in 1993. During seven years, the knowledge I acquired directly from John on starting, running and growing a successful business became invaluable to our partnership. If every business leader had a John to motivate and push him to the next level, there would be a lot more great companies out there. That business venture showed me that even though you are always going to deal with an array of challenges. When you apply knowledge learned from each experience, as I did from John, then you know that you have reached success. That is John Meyer’s story.”