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Who is J Angelo Design Build

J Angelo Design Build is a wholly owned division of Foristar Development, Inc. Let us introduce both to you.


Foris – Noun – Often attributive – Latin for’ . is : Door or portal. Outside, abroad, opening or entrance. A gateway, as in an opening to something vast or great. A door to opportunity


Star – Noun – Latin origin, stella star’ : A planet or configuration of planets that is held in astrology to influence one’s destiny or fortune. An outstandingly talented performer.


Foristar – Proper Noun – For . i . star’ : An outstandingly talented team of individuals opening doors of possibility through real estate development. Thus, influencing the fortune and destiny of many.


It is said that opportunity only knocks once. Foristar creates the opportunity… J Angelo builds the door upon which it knocks.


J Angelo Design Build seeks to contribute positively to the local economy and market by creating highly sought after designs influenced by decades of world travel and practical experience and constructed by local tradesmen and artisans.